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About the Exhibition

In the fall of 2012 I learned about the 100 Strangers project from a friend. After reading up on the website, I embarked on this project with one simple goal in mind: to better connect and engage with the world around me. I needed to change my perception of success, worth, wealth, happiness and fulfillment, and I was going to do that one picture at a time.

I had started walking around different neighborhoods in London, approaching strangers on the street, talking to them, and asking their permission to take their photo. None of this is candid; everyone knows they are being photographed for my project. I’ve tried to make genuine connections with each one of these individuals, and I have always maintained since the beginning that it’s not really about the photo, but the interaction. And even beyond that, the 100th portrait won’t be the end of the project. For me, the pictures and the camera as a whole are a vehicle; they represent a journey. As mentioned, I originally started the project to connect with people and to change my perceptions, not to collect 100 stranger portraits.

To date, I’ve taken “stranger” portraits across 3 continents and 4 countries. Being based in London, my goal is to continue the global expansion of the project, given the access I have to some of the world’s greatest cities. I’ve tried to capture a wide variety of perspectives in my portraits, while spending as much time on the write-up’s, as the portraits themselves.

Whereas this is a very personal journey for me, it has brought great pleasure sharing the experience with a growing audience. The integrity of the project is based not only on making connections with the subjects in my portraits, but also with the people looking at them.

You can see the full pool and all the write ups at or search ‘Jon C. Photography’.


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