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About the Photographer

“Hi, excuse me…my name is Jonathan, I’m a street photographer currently based in London. I am working on a project that documents my interaction with strangers all over the world, and I would love your permission to take your photograph, and be a part of my project.”

That’s generally been my approach the past 6 months working on the 100 Strangers project. I have met people from all over the world, from all walks of  life. I have spent hours walking the streets, looking for strangers to interact with. Most people have said yes, a few said no, but all of them have been a part of my journey. I’ve tried to capture each person’s unique personality in the portraits, along with ‘their story’ in the write-ups. One thing is for sure, and that is I’ve had a blast doing this. Nothing gives me a bigger rush than meeting someone on the street and taking a great photo of them.

Why do I do this?

Whether its pure street photography, or a sub-genre like street portraits, nothing is predictable. Its truly about living in the moment, and patience. Whereas I have no doubt landscape and other forms of photography take an incredible amount of skill and technical expertise, its a bit too predictable for me. Being on the street, interacting with my subjects is really what I enjoy, and the next great interaction or portrait is what keeps me going after a long day walking around.  Landscape and travel photography will always be a part of me, but this is my current focus just because of the dynamic it creates.

What’s next for me?

I’ll continue to work on the 100 Strangers project. Ultimately, I would like to extend the project globally. I am looking forward to getting out to Tel Aviv, Athens, and Copenhagen in 2013, and then hopefully to Asia at some point. In addition to the Strangers project,  I am continuously shooting street fashion, and also working on some photo-documentaries that focus on the social commentary of life living in London, and traveling abroad. My goal this year is to really just try and develop my brand as a photographer.

Where else has my photography been seen?

Outside of social networking sites, I had a photo chosen to be a part of the 2012 East London Photo-Open exhibition at the Rich Mix Gallery in Shoreditch, London, UK. I was also very excited to have a photo featured in the New York Times online street fashion section. The Brick Lane Gallery will be my first full exhibition, although to note, it won’t be a solo exhibition. The March exhibition will be mixed-medium featuring local and international artists, and I’m be proud to be one of them.

You can contact me here:

+44 7500 896080

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